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Who is Nilda Roman Perez? How did she die?

Many people loved Nilda Roman Perez for her fantastic personality. Her warm smile and willingness to help others made her stand out. Sadly, Nilda Perez Roman passed away due to an aneurysm in her brain which could not be treated in time. This article will explore the life of Nilda Perez Roman life and the cause of her death. Tragically, Nilda Perez Roman lost her life as a mother, daughter, and friend. Her death shocked and saddened friends, family, and community members. Nilda Perez was taken from this world too soon, and those close to her still struggle to understand it. This blog post will explore who Nilda Perez was and how she died.

Nilda Roman Perez – who is she?

Perez was a Cuban-American activist and singer who was a member of the Communist Party USA and the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five. She moved to the United States from Cuba in 1961. Perez advocated for the Cuban Revolution and worked for decades to raise awareness about its importance.

She attended rallies, spoke at conventions, and supported many causes she believed in. While in the United States, she married fellow Cuban singer Hector Lavoe, with whom she had two children.

Perez was a passionate activist who used her musical talents and fame to spread her message. She released several records and was a regular at music festivals, where she sang about freedom and social justice. The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five also held a benefit concert for her.

In her lifetime, Nilda Roman Perez inspired generations of activists, both in Cuba and abroad. Her dedication to the cause of the Cuban Revolution earned her admiration from many, and she will be remembered as an icon of freedom.

Early life

Nilda Roman, known as Nilda Lavoe, was born in the Dominican Republic. She married Hector Lavoe, and the two had three children together. Nilda was a hard-working woman who worked multiple jobs to help support her family, including as a teacher and a secretary. As her husband’s fame grew in the salsa music industry, she became his manager, and they became a famous and beloved couples in the Latin American community.

Unfortunately, Nilda’s life was cut short when she died of liver failure in 1989 at 48. While the exact cause of her death has never been confirmed, many have speculated that it was due to complications from hepatitis C, a virus she contracted after exposure to contaminated blood.

The cause of death of Hector Lavoe and his wife, Nilda Roman Perez

Hector Lavoe was a renowned salsa singer and musician from Puerto Rico. Before his untimely death in 1993, he married Roman Perez for 15 years.

The cause of Hector’s death was complications from HIV/AIDS, a virus he contracted in the late 1980s. In a tragic turn, his wife Nilda died due to AIDS-related complications.

Born in Puerto Rico, Nilda was raised there. She had a close relationship with her husband and supported his career. Nilda often accompanied him to music engagements, which is how she likely contracted the virus. It is believed that the couple had been living with HIV for some time but could not access proper medical care and treatment.

Many in the music industry deeply felt Roman Perez’s death. Her death came just two years after her husband and only a few months before their daughter Yvanna Lavoe’s debut album was released.

The cause of death for both Hector and Nilda underscores the importance of access to health care and treatment for all individuals, especially those with chronic illnesses or at risk of contracting contagious diseases like HIV/AIDS. Access to medical care can help individuals lead longer, healthier lives.


Q: Who was Nilda Roman Perez?

Ans: Nilda Roman was the wife of famous Latin music artist Hector Lavoe. She was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, and was well known for her strong support of her husband’s career.

Q: How did she die?

Ans: Nilda Perez died due to complications of AIDS.

Q: Was her death related to Hector Lavoe’s?

Ans: Yes, it is believed that Hector Lavoe was the source of Nilda’s AIDS virus, as he had been diagnosed with it before their marriage.

Q: What did Hector Lavoe do after her death?

Ans: After her death, Hector Lavoe became a prominent AIDS awareness activist and spoke openly about his experience with the virus. He was an advocate for HIV/AIDS research and treatment, often providing financial assistance to those who were affected by the virus.

Final Thoughts

Nilda Roman Perez was a woman who had a tragic and heartbreaking story. She was the wife of Puerto Rican Salsa singer Hector Lavoe and the mother of his two children. She spent most of her life caring for her husband and family but ultimately died from cancer at that age.

Although her life ended tragically, it is essential to remember the legacy she left behind. Despite her hardships, her determination to care for her husband and children inspired many. Her bravery and courage in facing adversity should be remembered, rather than the sadness surrounding her death.

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